Top Golf Movies

So, I checked and no golf movies were nominated for an Academy Award this year.  Shameful, just shameful.

Below are the best golf movies of all time, films that some people say rank up there with the likes of Casablanca and The Godfather:

1. Tin Cup

Yes, I'm surprised too: The winner.

Yes, I’m surprised too: The winner by far.

So, true, by almost all accounts it’s a mediocre and forgetful 90s sports rom-com. But, it’s also the greatest golf movie of all time. It exemplifies neuroses, the inner struggles and irrational drive and wildness and self-hatred in the game. Any golf movie worth its salt needs to involve psychologist. Check. Also, the pacing is excellent and it doesn’t cop out with the traditional victory plot.

2. Tin Cup, again

This film, twice on the list? Yes. See: The Onion

3. The Bobby Jones Movies

You’ve probably seen these black and white favourites on The Golf Channel. if there is one person I try to emulate on the course it’s Bobby Jones (at least how he presents himself in these films), not that I am ever successful. He filmed 18 short instructional films in the early thirties which are funny, inspiring, and the gold standard in how to act on the course.They hold up to this day.

4. Dead Solid Perfect

Late 80′s, HBO, Danny Quaid, a serious look into the struggles of pro-golf.  Not as fun as anything else on the list, but you may at some point want to get in touch with reality. Maybe you can tell, I haven’t seen it. But it sounds good…

5. Caddyshack

 Great Actors in an otherwise uneven film.


Caddyshack isn’t actually great. I don’t think this is really a secret. Bill Murray is hilarious, the gopher is a good dancer, Kenny Loggins is fine  upbeat 80s music, Chevy Chase was once funny and appealing, but that’s about 8 minutes of a movie. The 8 minutes are fantastic classics, so I suggest everyone see it once. But it’s hard to sit through it all the second time. Not so much a peach.


6. Tin Cup Happy Gilmore

An Adam Sandler movie from when Adam Sandler was making very funny movies. It’s not as good as you remember it and too childish to consider any sort of classic, but it probably holds a special place in many of your young hearts.  I can’t say that I don’t still try the running approach drive  when I’ve given up on my score for the round.

7. The Legend of Bagger Vance

Who am I kidding . This movie is OK, but just go rewatch Tin Cup.