Trump Doral (Blue Monster) – Florida

Notable Facts:

  • Bought during one of the Trump golf course buying sprees in 2011, the Cadillac Championship victor may have to shake hands with (the) Donald now if they want to claim the prize.
  • Want to guess why they call it the Blue Monster? Maybe because after the first two, every single hole has some serious water risk (and the other colors were taken). With some narrow greens, 230 yard plus par threes, and unpredictable weather, you better bring some extra balls.
  • The course was shut down for the season and renovated after the 2013 Cadillac Challenge. Expect it to be ramped up to Trump level “Class.” Early Trip Advisor reviews are not holding back the accolades: “Windy!” – joghst. But seriously, allow some settling and expect this course to reach its true glory in the next few years.

Water Monster