When Will The Golf Courses Open?

While it is just days from April the weather forecast for Toronto today includes snow and in the last few days we’ve seen temperatures drop down to -8 c.  How will this affect the golf season?

I found a heat map of North American average April temperatures, got some sample cities and golf courses for the different scenarios, then looked through the history of the golf course websites for some indication of opening days. I did this for 12 different temperature regions based on the map below and entered in the average opening day. Thanks to wayback machine and mappedplanet.

Average Temperature April










In very Northern Canada the few golf courses generally open late may. Coming down into the southern states, the southernmost courses that do close seasonally are only closed until mid march. Toronto usually expects openings middle April, the 15th being a day some courses aim for.

This year has obviously been unusual for a lot of places. The fourteen daycast forecast for Toronto predicts just  a high of 7 degrees celsius on April 12th. It seems like we are going to break 10 degrees almost two weeks later than usual. While cold temperatures now don’t tell us much about the temperatures a month out, the main effect is that golf clubs are delayed in preparing and repairing the course. Winter’s ice and snow can do a lot of damage to the hills and grass. Some of the repair can’t be started until the snow melts and the water drains.

I know the courses want to open just as bad as we want to get out there. I’m hoping that the links will be ready for me by the 26th, a week and a half over-due.